The BUSINESS. Dictionary

In our world, i.e. in a consumer society, there are some constants, we have got used to considering them to be absolutely normal. We will try to comprehend the bases of the existing reality and to estimate them as real as possible, i.e. to assess them from the point of view of their utility for people, society and planet development.

‘BUSINESS’ Concept

(‘’ dictionary) BUSINESS: undertaking economic activity making income, profit. Detail: business on something ‘to receive income, and to make profit’.

This is a very important word, because in our World business makes a basis for everything. Time after time we hear: ‘the economy is growing, because business develops’, ‘small and medium size business require support by the state’, etc.

So, as the dictionary correctly noted, the main purpose of business is acquisition of income and profits. Please make a note, there is no word about the needs of people and economy, the honesty before partners and buyers. Profit rules everything.

Suppose, someone has opened a bakery and bakes very good rolls, using correct recipes, tasty and nourishing. So far as this sector is profitable, quite soon someone else will want to receive this profit, i.e. will create ‘competitiveness’ and will start to bake rolls too. It is obvious, that the profit of the first enterprise will decrease.

What would the logic and common sense tell us in this respect? If the rolls are tasty and there are enough of rolls for everybody, why open the second bakery? If rolls were in deficit, it would be good to have now a chance to buy them in different shops.

What would ‘business’ tell us in this respect? The profit of the first enterprise has fallen, and it is bad. If the profit has decreased, then one should restore it, and even better would be to raise it. Such an approach entails a number of variants: it is possible to start using low-quality components, it is possible to reduce the weight of rolls, it is possible to raise the price, it is possible even to burn the competitor down, and many more like that.

As it is well noted, none of above variants offers a ‘correct’ solution from the normal human point of view. Our life confirms it easily and daily. Where business struggle is tough, you either (as in motor industry or cellular communication) will not find any real difference between two goods, except for their appearance, but in any case you will purchase them at a highly overestimated price, or will have a slashing of product quality – this fact needs no confirmation, it is enough to go shopping clothes, or to read the ingredients on the packing of any products from sausage to yoghurt.

Business does not aim making something useful for a person. The main objective of business is an accumulation of resources at the expense of others, certainly. Therefore, it is no wonder that maximum profit of all the business makes, where a human grief: need (credits), health (medicine), death take their place.

Conclusion: ‘Business’ - one of most harmful inventions the mankind has made, leading to impoverishment, health loss and degradation.

Business is very useful for the mighty of this World, because they through business accumulate the resources of all mankind and dictate everyone how to live. However, for 99 % of the population, including same small and medium-size ‘businessmen’, business is harm.

We will have no chance to build a decent civil society, until we refuse from this word and concept, until the economy starts to work on absolutely different principles and conditions.