For two years by now, the Governance and Problem Analysis Center has been doing its best to issue a !six-volume! monography styled as ‘The National idea’. Is it possible that the National idea were so spacious and required so many volumes? Frankly speaking we would give a lot to have a chance of looking through these volumes, the more so its part devoted to political structure of the state. We would highly appreciate any assistance in obtaining these materials.

The philosophical dictionary under the editorship of Kemerovsky offers the following definition: ‘the National idea is a systematized generalization of national consciousness in its supertemporal existence, most often presented in the form of social-philosophical or political texts, works of art. Accordingly, the national idea may have both methods of expression: a rationalized method, and a figuratively-typificational one. The essence of National idea makes a problem of sense of life of the given people-ethnos’. By the way, it worth noting, this is almost a unique definition of the National idea.

Let us try to clarify the subject. First, if the National idea is a generalization of a national consciousness, it actually is somewhat that has already come true, something that has already been analyzed and. Second, why should one be searching it, after all, according to Kemerovsky, it is already presented in the form of philosophical and social political texts? Something’s missing here!

Then let's recollect all our philosophers and politicians, who articulate that if we find out our National idea, we will surely begin to live better. It means, the search of National idea is very important not for the present, but for the future.

Would you at the end of 19th century happened to ask a question ‘What were flights to space like’, the only person who could answer your question would be Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky. He had constructed no rocket, but he knew, how it should look, had formulated the general principles of flights, has created a system.

Same may refer to the National idea, it has been searched for many years. To find a new National idea, one should have a concept, how it should be looking like, the general principles should be formulated, and a system be created.

Hereby stated that the New philosophy knows, where and how to search for the National idea, just because it is this idea itself. Now, let's make it clear.

When they try to find an answer to the question ‘What is the national idea’, very often it is confused with the national interest or the idea of ‘Russians for Russians’. The idea ‘Russians for Russians’ smells of a nationalism. The National interest is something we’d wished to take from the world, or to receive in exchange for a mutually advantageous cooperation.

According to the New philosophy, the National idea is absolutely different. It is some panhuman idea, which when realized would allow improving dramatically the quality of life of a universal number of the country residents and of the whole country itself. This idea should spread beyond the nation, the people, the country borders and should be applicable not only for Russia, but also for the whole World, i.e. can be replicated for all the planet entirely. On the one hand, this idea should be very capacious, i.e. it can be formulated in few phrases, and on the other hand this idea should cover all the directions of the man and mankind vital activities.

Example: the fascism is a theory assuming superiority of one people over the other, and this theory says that war can only be a basis of the state development. Accordingly, this theory assumes both a difference in races/nations and various political structures of the states. A brother-fascist would not wage a war against his brother-fascist. Hence, the fascism is a national interest, i.e. intention of one state/nation/person to live at the expense of another state/nation/person.

Meanwhile, for example, the communism is a classical example of the National idea, because initially it assumes a possibility of its replication for the whole World. And for a communist any communist-proletarian disregarding the place, time, nationality or other parameters of birth – would be a blood brother.

This is why we state that, actually, for the recent 500 years there roughly a couple of National ideas have only been found!!! Some 500 years ago there has arisen an idea of capitalism, which later has found its first application in England, and this country for several centuries became the strongest state of the World. And about 150 years ago there was born an idea of communism, which has found its application in many and many countries of the World.

Summarizing the above written, let’s say that the World BADLY NEEDS a new National idea, if we wish to overcome financial crises, and to stop wars, which in the presence of nuclear and chemical weapons, can result now if not in the total, but in practically complete extinction not only of people, but of all living creatures on the planet. Certainly, it would be great, if it were Russian by origin, because then Russia would take a leading place in the World. We believe anyone who considers himself a patriot, would wish such an honorary fate for our country, our people.

For the purpose we need an ABSOLUTELY different idea of the way of life, motivation and philosophic and political bases of society.

Hereby stated that the New philosophy is precisely a new World Russian National idea.