The BANK. Dictionary

In our world, i.e. in a consumer society, there are some constants, we have got used to considering them to be absolutely normal. We will try to comprehend the bases of the existing reality and to estimate them as real as possible, i.e. to assess them from the point of view of their utility for people, society and planet development.

‘BANK’ Concept

(The financial encyclopaedic dictionary) BANK is a commercial establishment … which … is granted the right to raise money resources … and to dispose them on its own behalf … and to carry out other bank transactions. … Accumulating money resources they grant loans, credits, carry out cash settlements, keep bills discounting, emitting money and securities …

General understanding is that banking system development is one of key parameters of a ‘strong’ economy.

Has anyone ever pondered over the fact, what the banks, financiers and bank clerks really represent. To understand it, it would be enough just to have a look at the essence of their work, to see what they do.

Internal funds of banks in comparison with the involved assets, as a rule, are miserly small. The matter of enterprise activity of banks, i.e. their business is a secondary matter already proceeding from their possibility of disposal of big money supplies. The primary one is that the banks accept for storage other people's money and give them back at the first request of a client. I beg your pardon, these function are the work of cashiers and security guards!

Even in our World cashiers and security guards are the ones of low-paid trades, because their work requires neither special skills, nor the special education. No need reminding of a TV serial ‘Our Russia’.

All round we hear about some ‘fundamental’ business or bank education, about bankers as very smart and competent people. Let’s take for example the former USSR. In the USSR all high-school students attended a course of ‘political economy’, i.e. studied a planned economy. Now it has been proved (disputably enough) that it was a pseudo-doctrine, which had little relation to a real life.

Question: and who has ever proven that the present system of economy, which really plunges people into poverty, feeds them with ‘Ё’, pesticides and a toilet paper, forces them to live in barracks and constantly leads to financial crises and wars - is a ‘correct’ system of economy, and thus the people who know the laws of this economy and can control them are the cream of society?

At all times, intellectuals: creative, scientific, technical made the cream of society.

However, today, in our World, where resources make the basis, i.e. the power and money, financiers control our life. Please make a note, the most of them have higher education, typically, of business and banking background, i.e. essentially, most likely, a pseudo-education. Has anyone from them become a great scientist, a writer or an architect? No one, many of them are not even aware of the classical literature and music. Still namely these business-‘competent’ people consider as their duty to direct the development of all mankind.

Conclusion: the finances should not rule the world. The primary goal of the finance - to be an auxiliary tool allowing to direct those or other resources of mankind to necessary areas of development, and no more than that.

Banks in their present form, as a finances management system is one of the worst inventions of mankind. We have no chance of living in the decent civil society, until this system exists.